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Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013, 10:48

Johnnie Walker - Explorer´s Club Collection und Johnnie Walker X R 21 Years

Hallo zusammen,
im März diesen jahres am Flughafen eine Flasche Johnnie Walker "The Spice Road" aus der 3teiligen Explorer´s Club Collection gekauft. 3teiliges Set im Duty Free Shop.
Nun gibt es auch den 3.Teil "The Royal Route" im Duty Free.
Die ersten 2 Teile "The Spice Road" und "The Gold Route" sind aber auch nun bei Weinquelle Lühmann erhältlich.
1l Flasche und kostet 40eur bzw 95eur.
Zudem neu Johnnie Walker X R 21 Jahre alter Blend im Shop erhältlich.

Spice Road:

The first signature blend from the Trade
Route series is THE SPICE ROAD. Influenced by the vibrancy, aromas and
dazzling colours of the thriving markets of Asia this blend provides a
rich, long-lasting experience.
THE SPICE ROAD is a complex whisky
with aromatic spice overtones and exceptional smoothness, true to the
Johnnie Walker signature. Let it take your taste buds on a new journey.
On the nose, you are greeted with a spicy zestiness, subtle notes of
fresh and citrus fruits such as apples, kiwis and limes. With the first
sip, your palate embarks on an unforgettable exploration. There is a
tantalising balance of smooth, rich honeyed vanilla, warmed by hints of
cloves and ginger, with a smoky finish reminiscent of smouldering wood.
THE SPICE ROAD is best enjoyed with a drop of water to release the subtle smokiness.
Gold Road:

From Central America through the Andean
mountains and along the Pacific coast, the Gold Route traverses Latin
America exploring magnificent landscapes and deep, rich cultures.
by this diversity of aromas and colours, THE GOLD ROUTE is crafted from
the finest aged whiskies and produces the perfect balance of lingering
smoke and exotic fruit flavours.
These flavours come through from
the very start. On the nose, you’ll perceive notes of ripe banana,
mango, pitaya and sweet vanilla with accents of spice and smoke. The
first sip goes deeper within the heart of Latin America; notes of exotic
fruits become more vibrant. As the flavour evolves, currant and raisin
emerges, together with bold, distinctive smokiness. Finally, with the
last ripples of flavours, you savour the luxurious smoothness of this
unique, exotic blend.
Enjoy the vibrant flavours of THE GOLD ROUTE at their best – served neat or on the rocks.
Mir pers. schmeckt "Spice Road" ganz gut. Habe auch den Gold Label daheim. Vergleich: Etwas rauchiger/kräftiger. Allerdings komplexer als der Black.
Evtl mag ja jemand diese Info